Why Buying An Aftermarket Exhaust System Is A Great Investment

Why Buying An Aftermarket Exhaust System Is A Great Investment

Exhaust System

A new car will give you many benefits; however, there is always room for improvement. An aftermarket exhaust system is an easy upgrade that can help your car’s engine as it promotes better venting of exhaust gasses.

Depending on your needs and enhancement preferences, purchasing aftermarket parts lets you decide how to alter or improve your car.

If you are thinking of getting an aftermarket exhaust system installed, there are many ways in which it can boost your car’s performance. Let’s have a look at some of them.

More Power

When it comes to exhaust systems, car manufacturers leave a lot of space of improvement. This is not to say that the parts are subpar, however an aftermarket exhaust system is purpose-built to give your car more power and better performance.

It reduces back pressure which increases horsepower and lets your engine perform better in the long run.

Better Fuel Economy

Installing an aftermarket exhaust system affects the amount of fuel your car uses daily. There may not be an overnight efficiency in your fuel economy, however in the long run, you will notice a substantial a boost in your fuel economy.


An aftermarket exhaust system can change how your car sounds. You will hear a noticeable difference in the exhaust note, lending your car a low growling sound during acceleration.

Choosing The Right System

There are three main kinds of aftermarket exhaust systems available on the market.

Axle- Back: This exhaust system is located behind the car, at the rear axles. It replaces the parts from the axle to the muffler and has been known to moderately affect the fuel economy and engine performance of the car.

Cat-Back: This system replaces the catalytic converters to the tips and is known to have good effect on your car’s overall performance.

Header-Back: Perhaps, the best replacement option; this part replaces all the stock components in your car and replaces them with new aftermarket parts. It has been shown to have the biggest impact on the engine’s performance, sound and fuel economy.

A professionally installed aftermarket exhaust system can give you car an internal makeover and help you retain its high performance in the long run. If you are searching for high-quality products online, shop online at Muffler Express.

We are North America’s most trusted aftermarket exhaust supplier since 1999 and provide a wide range of superior aftermarket products and services.

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